Teaching Ion XE class in San Diego
Ion XE class for San Diego Local 122

I’ve been a trainer of entertainment technology for over ten years. In 2018 I became a Contract Trainer for ETC, teaching all levels of the full line of EOS consoles including: Element, Ion, Gio, EOS and Nomad. In addition to EOS, I teach Chamsys, GrandMA2, Hog 4, and Qlab. As a professional who uses these products on shows every day, I offer both book smarts and hard won experience.

All levels from beginners to long-time users are welcomed and challenged. Trainings are incredibly positive environments filled with enthusiasm for tech, humor, tips and tricks. 

One on one or a large class, online or in person.  Contact me to discuss your needs.


“Mark uses real world examples, anecdotal accounts, design concepts and an expert level of console knowledge to tailor his training to his classes. All of our programmers are fairly advanced, but everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Mark is really great at advancing different level programmers through his courses, while making sure everyone not only understands which buttons to push, but the concepts behind why we push them.”

Valerie Pope, Lighting & Video Department Manager, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

“Our experiences with Mark can only be described as outstanding.  With the touch and instincts of a Master Chef, Mark is always able to put together the perfect recipe for learning and retaining the vast amounts of information that he has at his disposal.  With a combination of professional and product knowledge, first hand experiences and the ability to change directions on the fly to meet the needs of his audience, Mark is the perfect choice for instructing practically any level of operator, programmer or designer when dealing with theatrical lighting and effects.”

Michael Crop, Lighting Ministry Lead, Salem Heights Church

“Learning from Mark was a great experience. He takes the time to make sure you understand the console correctly and answer your questions with no judgement and with potentially a funny side tangent about how he figured it out himself.” 

Alex, Stagehand Local 28 

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