Tiny Tip: The Wandering Singer

In case you don’t know already, singers sometimes don’t stay in their specials.  If you are busking- no big deal since you have a bunch of location palettes and can fire them at will.  But if you are doing a single cue stack show, it can be very annoying.  A show I recently did had two singers in tight pools on SL and SR 1/4.  Most of the way through the song, they were supposed to cross to center.  So imagine my surprise when they crossed to center during the first verse.  And then, when we repeated the number, they started to cross during the first chorus, but stopped halfway.  Yikes.  The answer?  Put your focus palette (or, in my case, preset) onto a fader.

Keystrokes are super simple.  Preset x, then hit the load button (top and bottom buttons on a fader wing) on your Eos fader.  Then, you can run the fader up and down and have the lights track their movement as they decide each night to move at a different time and to a different extent.  This also works on the VP of Whatever in corporate shows, but usually with two or three faders: one to pull stage left, one for stage right and one to tilt upstage.  

Give it a try and see what you think.  Oh- and if you want to Record Exclude (highly recommend), you will do that under Fader List Display.  Thanks for reading.


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