The (EOS) Button with No Name

My favorite button on the EOS family consoles has no label.  Located between the Label and About key, I assumed for years it had been left blank to incorporate future features.  Embarrassingly, it wasn’t until I became a trainer that I learned what that button was, and that it is the most valuable button on the console.  Why is that?  Because it is a freely assignable button.  

Let’s find out where to access this treasure.  Go to the Shell and select Settings, then on the right select the Buttons tab.  As you scroll down, you will see in every case but the RPU one square button that stands apart from every other set of buttons- and that is the blank key.  By default, it is assigned to trigger Macros 821.  

When you click where it says Macro 821, you will see that you can assign a Macro or a hard key.  Honestly, I’ve always used it for the Macro that I need most at the moment.  On the film I’m programming right now, it triggers the By Type recording macro I use constantly.  But there are no limits to what this little beauty can do!

I hope this at least helps satisfy a curiosity for some and becomes a great programming tool for others.  What are your favorite hidden features?  Hit me in the comments.  Happy programming!

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