Film Cart Layout V2

I had a request to update my film cart layout post, so here it is.  Small changes have been very helpful to me, and maybe they will be to you too.  (Please ignore all the beer- we were filming a gas station and I was in the storage hallway.) 

On location at a convenience store. Ignore the beer.


I’m using the Proaim Victor 48” v1.1 cart.  You may remember last time I posted that I was planing on getting a Backstage magliner cart.  Supply chain prevented that, so I paid a little more for this one.  I’m very happy I did.  The top shelf can be set at any height, the cart breaks down in minutes into a completely self-contained, rolling slab that is fairly easy to fly with and very easy to pack anywhere else.  Build quality is very good.  I bought two baby pin adapters that sit in the open holes of the upright supports.  My monitor connects to one via an Avenger F600 Baby Offset Arm and a Kupo Super Knuckle VESA Monitor Mount.  I love this a lot, as it puts the height of the monitor at a very comfortable height.  My only complaint about the Proaim cart is the Baby pin adapters spin within the upright supports.  It’s annoying, but not a huge deal.  I could always drill out the setup and put a bolt through it.  


I’m (obviously) still using the IonXE 24 Universe.  The form factor is ideal for me, since the only other console that fits a standard film cart is the Gio @5 (a console I love, but I already owned the IonXE when I started.). But what about when I need more outputs than the Ion can provide?  I bought an Apex Processing Unit.  This lives on the Stages currently in its own rolling cart (not as refined of a design at this point, so give me a little more time before you expect a post on that.). The APU authorizes all the outputs I need for larger rigs.

Motorized Fader Wing

In time for the last project, I bought a Motorized Fader Wing.  I find it makes working with multiple cue lists much easier, and that makes it worth it for me.  Light and compact since it’s the 10 fader configuration.  I started with a 2×10 fader wing (the short throw faders that aren’t automated), and that’s a solid choice if you don’t use multiple cue lists a lot, or if you are more knowledgable than I was when I started using multiple cue lists on the unmotorized fader wing.  I made some very upsetting mistakes, and I’ll leave it at that.  Play a LOT with your wing and make sure you know how it will behave and you’ll be fine no matter what you get.

Pelican 1610

How are the console and wing being transported?  A Pelican 1610.  I have an extra one inch piece of foam I sandwich in between them that keeps them from bumping each other.  This case has been through all climates and circumstances and has always protected the gear well.  Highly recommend.

Monitor Bag

The space on my cart was getting tight, so I decided to go with a soft case for my monitor.  Honestly, I’m still searching for a better alternative, since this one is only weather resistant, not weather proof.  It’s a Akozlin LCD Screens 19”-24” Padded Montior Travel Bag.  I found it on Amazon and it’s been pretty good.  We’ve made its through a fair amount of snow and a small amount of rain. 

Milwaukee Pack Out Drawers

This is a new addition for me.  I found random small objects kept appearing on my cart and I had no good place to put them.  This is a great solution.  Currently, it holds my Surface Pro, Response Gateway, the light meter, extra POE power injector and many other small items.  I love it.

Accordion File Folder

I find I retain a fair amount of paperwork since I have many stage sets I return to, and this stores that paperwork for future use very well.

S Hooks

I bought 6 large plastic S hooks with retaining pins from Lowes Hardware.  This allows me to hang many network cables and some DMX cables.  Buy the biggest ones they have, as it’s a challenge to fit the width of a 100’ network cable through.

All of this packs up onto the cart and pushes onto the shorty easily.  I had some early concerns about the width of the tires when on very soft dirt/sand.  It hasn’t been a problem.  Very happy with my purchases.  Of course the design is still a work in progress.  I want a better way to fit my tiny camera monitor on the cart, and the first two things I’ve tried have either been awkward or easily broken.  If you have a solid and flexible way to connect a lightweight monitor (1/4” standard thread) to an upright pipe, let me know.

What are you all using for your cart/transport needs?  I’m pretty sure we all love seeing setups, so please share in the comments!

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