Day Rate for Short Projects

Photo by Ricardo Díaz on Unsplash


  1. Chris Steele - Reply

    As lighting becomes more technologically oriented, some sort of prep time becomes more and more necessary. Sometimes the expectations are totally unrealistic! I recall those times I have come in to work a commercial, and been presented with 30-100 mixed Astera products, from mixed vendors, and then as I start the process to profile and patch them all the AD comes by and asks “so you’ll be ready to go in, 30 minutes?” Think about how Camera Department operates: they have always had a prep day. But it’s been rarer for Lighting to have one in the past. Producers are still adjusting to this. What seems to work well in some cases for everyone is a “prelight day”. You can charge a full day rate for it, but split the actual day between prep and prelighting. It’s going to be up to the gaffer to sell something like this to the producer though.

  2. Jessica Dean - Reply

    It feels like even in theatre I’m given less and less prep time for sometimes fairly large shows with movers and LEDs. Building presets, color palettes, beam palettes, magic sheets, cue lists, effects, all of that takes time so that tech can be as efficient as possible.

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