Eos Tiny Tip: Go(to Shift) Home

Context: you are programming furiously, you are 3/4 of the way through act one, and it’s time for a meal break.  You release your cue stack, eat and when you return, perhaps you scroll down the cue list to remember what cue number you were on.  Or…you could press 

[Goto] [Shift] [Home] 

and the console will bring you to the end of the cue list.  

Are you in the middle of the cue stack and you need to rack back to the start with a designer who doesn’t believe in Cue 1?  

[Goto] [Home]

and you are brought to whatever number cue is first.

Since the command isn’t terminated when you press Home, you can then use Next and Last to modify the results before you press Enter for other options.

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