Faders for Nomad- but Cheaper


  1. Stephen Melanson - Reply

    Hi Mark
    Thanks for this information, I’ve downloaded and installed the software and have mapped the encoders to my X Touch compact. I can control the pyusical faders when I move the faders in the software. I’ve confirmed that the EOS settings are correct for osc TX & RX. I’ve mapped the fader config to use as Submasters, but for some reason I cannot get EOS to connect to Shift faders. I’m new to Nomad, have only run 3 shows in the last year. I’m running a Mac mini system, all other EOS features are working fine, any suggestions on where to start?
    Stephen Melanson
    Bedford Players Community Theatre

  2. Stephen Melanson - Reply

    Hi Mark, I have the pictures ready to send – what is the best method to get them to you?
    Facebook messenger?

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