Revised Nomad Case

USB port Link

Network Port Link


  1. George Deur - Reply

    Hey Mark! My name is George Deur; I’m the technical director and LD at Carson High School. We met at the Augment3d training at the Burbank office for ETC back in late March.

    This is a really awesome build! Would you ever be willing to put out a tutorial or instruction manual on how to make one? That’s a project I would gladly take on in my free time!

    Although I am curious: couldn’t you get a similarly portable and functional programming experience with a laptop, ETC Nomad puck and gadget and maybe a programming wing? Not at all trying to shoot down the awesomeness of your build here; just curious as to whether it’s do-able in a less Frankenstein-y labor-intensive way… and what the advantages and draw-backs would be…

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • admin - Reply

      The advantages (as I see it) to how I built my case are almost entirely around working outside. If I worked inside still, I would just use my IonXE. But since I work in the high desert with dust storms, monsoons and snow, having a powerful setup that is something I could replace portions of easily and at low cost is of high value to me.

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