Tiny Tip- Eos DMX Input Setup

I remember how excited I was when I learned Eos could accept sACN input.  I thought it would work like the GrandMA2, Hog 4 or Chamsys where sACN input could appear as manual data in the programmer that you could then record to targets.  How wrong I was, so I ignored it ever since.  Until yesterday.

I’ve been working on a manual for a button station that only speaks DMX.  There were some fancy functions that I needed to see across an array of lights to understand how the device would interpret some commands.  I didn’t have an array of lights at home, but I always have Capture. I just needed to turn DMX into sACN.  I hoped the ETC Response Gateway Mk2 would work for this.  Thankfully, it did and it was very simple to accomplish.

Go to Ports, select the port you want, change it to Input and select the sACN universe you want the DMX to push to.  Plug in your controller (obviously, a DMX turnaround is needed) and the gateway will immediately post everything to the network.  

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