Tiny Tip: Recording Effects into Presets

I just learned you could record effects into Presets.  I honestly don’t know if this didn’t used to be possible, or if I somehow missed it this whole time.  Here’s how it’s done.

Select your channels, apply all info you wish.  When you reselect your fixtures to record them as a preset and put Record Preset on your command line, Softkey 4 has the option “Plus FX”.  Add that to your command line, choose your number and you are good to go. Edit- I just learned that effects put into a preset won’t show up in the PSD like a “normal” effect would.

Why would this be useful?  On set, I had some gags that we built in advance and wanted to call on the fly.  It’s nice to have the complete look in a single container.  I can imagine this being very useful in busking as well.  What things on the console did you not notice until recently?  Hit me in the comments.

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