LDI 2022 Top Six

I attended LDI for the first time this year.  It was an amazing experience, no doubt mostly because of the people who took time to talk with me.  Since I can’t really capture people in a blog, I’d like to share with you the products and upcoming releases that caught my eye and might be of use to you.

1. ETC Eos 3.2

I got some time with Rob Crane who gave me a preview of some amazing new features coming in the next ETC Eos update.  Though there were many things, two stood out to me.  The first is the ability to specify in patch what each emitter on your LED light (frequency, intensity) is to dramatically increase accuracy for the color picker.  You will need to be able to measure each emitter or get accurate information from the manufacturer, but this feature will be a game changer for those who are willing to put in the time and effort.  The second is an app they made called Augment3d Scanner that uses the LIDAR on your iOS device to make a 3D model of a room up to 100’ x 100’ and import it into Augment3d in seconds.  It’s breathtaking and to me means Augment3d may finally be relevant to the incredibly fast (and last minute) work flow of film work.  Obviously, this will be incredibly useful for all industries.  Coming some time in the next few months.

2.   Aryton Domino

I checked out this light specifically for film work, though outdoor designers of all sorts should get excited.  This IP65 rated, 51,000 lumen fixture is a beast. Able to work in extreme cold and heat, this fixture features a CRI above 90, passing shutters, and a zoom range of 6 to 60 degrees.  This is one of two fixtures I need a demo of for on set lighting.  https://www.ayrton.eu/produit/domino-profile/ 

3. Robe iForte

The second of the big moving lights I was on the hunt for, this light impressed.  50,000 lumens of output, this fixture has high CRI filters you can apply whenever you need the greater accuracy and are willing to sacrifice the punch.  IP65 rated, great zoom range, passing shutters.  Definitely worth looking at for your next project.  https://www.robe.cz/iforte

4. AC Power Distro Sidecar Node

A four port node made to plug into the side of a standard on set lunch box, this new product seems to fill a need many of us have.  It receives sACN and Artnet, is configurable at the head and even allows power flow through to another 50 amp bates device if needed.  Full disclosure- I won a unit in an event, so perhaps my impartiality is skewed, but I think this product is super cool and I can’t wait to try it out.

5. IVL Minuit Une

This fixture is hard to describe.  Imagine a laser powered light that is designed to be array by itself.  No variance or certification needed (if you don’t already know, lasers that look cool typically need the person using them to have a certification to operate them), this unit could be a huge asset to smaller venues (300-700 seats) that want to fill the space, but do it on a budget.  I saw the product demo and it’s really gorgeous.  https://minuitune.com/products/ivl-photon/

6. Ben Peoples Industries Ganymede Button Station

An OSC button station at an aggressive price point, this thing may be the answer to many needs.  Obviously aimed at architectural and entertainment needs (it fits in all standard light switch boxes), I’m excited to use this product on set.  I love the idea of having a POE-powered unit that I can plug into my network with a moment’s notice to trigger anything I want.  Another full disclosure- I’m currently retained to write the technical manual for this product, so this may have influenced me.  Check it out for yourself!  http://benpeoples.com/stock-products/ganymede/

Though there were many other products and experiences- SO MANY- these are the top six things I’m keeping an eye on.  What were your favorite products or releases?  Hit me in the comments.

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