Sub and Cue List Macro

I wish Eos had the ability to save Fader Default Preferences.  I want every fader to default to be Exclude Record and Back From 1st (cue) to do Nothing instead of release the cue list.  If you don’t already know, Exclude Record prevents you recording content you are playing back from one cue list/submaster into another cue list/ubmaster.  Back From 1st, when set to Nothing (shown on screen as an X), prevents a programmer from releasing the whole cue list if you accidentally press back when in the first cue.  I’ve done this a few (embarrassing) times, so I always make sure I can’t do it again.  Since there are no fader default preferences in Eos, let’s make a macro to accomplish these things as we program each day.

In your show file (any will do), type [Cue] [1] [/].  This is the selection command for your main cue list.  Softkey 5 now populates with “Properties”.  Press {Properties}.  A screen of options will appear where the CIA usually sits. 

All the options for any fader/list type are here.  I prefer to write these types of macros with Learn.  So press [Learn] [Macro] [900].  Notice the blinking red indicator in the upper left hand corner of the CIA that let’s you know every button you press will become part of the macro.  On the screen, press {X} (found under “Back from 1st”, then press {Record} (found under Exclude).  Now press {Learn} again to stop recording your macro. When you go to Blind Macro (double tap [Macro] to get there), this is what you’ll see. 

In order to use the macro, put the target (Cue list or Submaster) on your command line, then trigger the macro for it to adjust your fader settings.  I’ve tested this macro to work with Cue lists as well as Submasters. Eos simply ignores the fact the Back from 1st setting, since they don’t have that function.

I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to create this macro.  It’s terribly useful and is fast to make.  I hope this helps your work flow as much as it does mine.  What settings in Fader Properties do you often change?  Hit me in the comments.

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